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The Classic Motoring Review is no more.

With great regret, I must announce the closure of what was acknowledged by many as Britain’s most distinctive periodical for classic car enthusiasts – unfortunately however, there just weren’t enough of them!

Subscription renewals following the first year of publications fell far short of expectations and not enough new subscribers came along to replace those that decided the magazine was no longer for them, so the project would almost certainly and quickly become unviable.

TCMR’s quirky editorial mix of archive material from our glorious motoring past, and finely wrought prose from some of the greatest names currently in the field was, alas, not to all tastes and reaching new readers who would appreciate it proved difficult and too costly for our modest little operation.

So issue #5 was our swansong.

In the meantime if you are or were a subscriber, we hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did, and hope you somehow manage to carry on ‘Reading The Road’ elsewhere.

All the best – Mark Williams: Editor/Publisher

For any further enquiries, please feel free to email